Video Interview part 2: staying focused in your own space
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宾夕法尼亚大学, Legal Studies and Business Ethics

As a graduate student, I do a lot of editing. The hardest thing about editing is erasing, and nobody likes erasing something he or she has written - especially if it's something written about your life! I can help you make the decisions based on what employers/admissions like to see. Also, because I study negotiations, I spend a lot of time studying techniques of persuasion, and I can use those techniques to help rewrite your materials so that you sound like the amazing candidate you are!

Remain Focused: It’s tough to hold someone’s attention when you’re not in the same room. It is even more difficult if your attention is not 100% focused. Cover up anything that might distract you – piles of laundry, books that you’re intending to read, etc. If during your video chat you stop thinking about the interview, you can guarantee that the interviewer will stop thinking about you. That said, do not get worried if the interviewer appears to be looking down or to the side. He or she may be writing down notes about how amazing you are!


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