What we do

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1. Our Services

What we do: www.mydocumate-recruitment.com

1. Our Services:

MyDocumate provides a marketplace for individuals and businesses in China to access overseas opportunities through the best editing talent and access to authentic information.

a. Editing Services:

Client types: Professionals, students, academics.
Simple line editing or editing with strategic advice.
Documents that our team edits range from CVs to research proposals to recommendation letters, statements and articles for publication.

b. Face2Face

Client types: Students
Admissions interview English language practice or brainstorming ideas for personal statements

c. Translation

Client types: Professionals, academics, students (latter limited to CVs and recommendations)
Recommendation letters, research proposals, academic articles for publication, CVs, conference abstracts.
Translations by non-native English speakers are automatically uploaded to our native-speaking editor marketplace to be polished. See ethical policy below.

d. Peer review

Client types: MyDocumate
All document types
MyDocumate's senior editors have access to an online marketplace to review other editors' work. These comprise micro-payments for checking work quality and are a  very effective way of accumulating balance on your account with us.

2. Recruitment:

Quality is essential to our business.

We are looking for individuals with the following qualities:

• Unwavering attention to detail
• Excellent comman d of the English language
• Strong client-facing skills and a commitment to providing a personalized, considerate service to each client
• Ability to meet deadlines every time
• Strong educational background

If this is you, please complete our online application form and we'll be in touch!

Learn more, please enter: www.mydocumate-recruitment.com



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