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1. Our Services

Editing and strategic advice on CVs, statements and recommendation letters, papers for publication, research proposals, conference abstracts, client presentations or even restaurant menus.

Face2Face facility for the arrangement of video con-call time slots (for students to undertake admissions interview practice or to obtain writing advice).

Integrated translation services from Mandarin Chinese to English (please note, for ethical reasons translations only take place with regard to CVs and recommendation letters for Student clients).

2. Your background and qualifications

What stage in your career are you?

Please give a brief overview of your background relevant to joining our team.

3. Availability

Please indicate your likely availability to start work for MyDocumate.

Estimate of your hours per week commitment to MyDocumate work in 2013/14.

4. Profile enhancement

We have found that editors who make a small photograph and brief details of their background available to clients are more likely to be selected for work. Clients will often be looking for someone with a specific set of skills so the more details you make available, the more likely to obtain work that is tailored to your interests and skills.

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  2. 申请成功者背景参考: 注册 后添加客服微信,发送「目标申请国家/地区+专业」领取
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