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An American by birth, I was educated at a highly competitive American liberal arts college before beginning graduate study at Cambridge, from which I received a PhD. With 8 years' part-time experience as a professional editor, I have considerable experience in professionally editing written work, particularly application essays and recommendation letters, and am highly experienced in academic writing, having published numerous articles, reviewed articles for journals, and edited textbooks. I look forward to helping clients perfect their writing abilities and put their best self forward!

出生在美国, 在去剑桥大学攻读硕士和博士之前我在美国一个竞争非常激烈的文理学院接受教育。 8专业编辑经历 让我在修改申请文书,推荐信方面有非常丰富的经验。 同时在学术论文方面我也有非常丰富的经验, 鉴于发表了非常多的文章, 审阅过非常多的期刊并且修订过教科书。期待帮助你提升你的语言表达能力最大化展现自己。

顾问自我介绍 自我介绍

My academic accomplishments have relied heavily on a strong writing ability: I have recently completed my PhD at Cambridge University, including writing a 80,000-word dissertation. I also have an MPhil. from Cambridge and a summa cum laude undergraduate degree in Economics and Physics from a highly competitive American liberal arts college. I have also successfully applied for several fellowships and scholarships and helped friends and colleagues through these processes. I have over five years professional experience as a freelance editor and am comfortable with working across cultural divides, as I have worked in six countries and traveled in nearly 70 (though, alas, not yet China!) Educated in both the USA and UK, I am comfortable with both American and British English. My areas of expertise are broad, including astronomy/physics, economics/econometrics/finance, public health, development, environmental science/agriculture, journalism, and creative writing. I currently work as a development economist and a freelance editor.

我学术上的成功很大程度上归功于我的写作能力:最近我刚刚在剑桥大学完成了我的博士学习,其中包括一个80000的学位论文。 同时我还在剑桥大学完成了经济学硕士的学习以及在一个竞争激烈的美国为理学院以优秀毕业生的毕业。 不仅我自己成功申请了奖学金同时我也帮助我的一些朋友和同事完成了研究基金的申请。 我有超过5的专业编辑经验作为一个自由撰稿人同时我也习惯和不同文化背景的人一起工作。 我曾经六个国家工作过并且周游过70多个国家(但是我还没有去过中国)。因为我曾在美国和英国接受教育,所以美式英语和英式英语我都没有问题。 我擅长的方向非常广泛, 包括天文学 物理 经济学 金融学 公共卫生, 环境科学,农学, 新闻学和创意写作 目前不仅是一位发展经济学家同时也是一位自由撰稿人。



University of Cambridge

PH.D Environmental Economics

University of Cambridge

Master Environmental Policy


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  • Pearl
    Pearl Dec 6, 2018
    硕士文书服务 Personal Statement 语言润色 工商管理/MBA

    Thanks Sarah!! Very comprehensive etitting.

    RUIZE Dec 3, 2018
    硕士文书服务 Essay 深度修改 地球科学/大气学

    Don't even fit the words requirement. And just suddenly stop reply you for no reason. Are 350 words so hard to reach? Remove a whole sentence with blank?

    • Andy D头像
      Andy D

      Dear Ruize,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to offer your reflections. I’m really glad you have had so many fruitful collaborations on our site. I’ve reviewed the details of this case. I want to give you some reassurance if I may.

      To begin, I want to reassure you about the document that you and Sarah produced together: You got a really good result. The document is high-quality and has been radically enhanced through the service process and is fit-for-purpose. I want to cover the two issues you’ve mentioned specifically in a little more detail:

      1. The word count. Sarah’s final draft was 326 words in length, not 350 words (the word limit), about 7% under the maximum. You don’t have to worry about this! Being under the limit (to a minor extent like this) does not mean there is a shortfall in quality. Indeed, being precisely up to the word limit is not necessarily desirable at all. Why? Because it is content that matters. What Sarah’s done, is help you to keep your words finely-tuned; she’s helped edit unnecessary or repeated material so the meaning is clear. It is not helpful to your application to add more words merely to hit a higher word count. The purpose of words is to convey meaning. If that meaning is conveyed by words elsewhere, then additional words distract from meaning and imply a lack of precision about purpose. Not desirable in this context! That brings me onto my next point, which is…

      2. The removed sentence. I have to tell you a couple of important things about this sentence. I hope you don’t mind! My intention here is to convey these things warmly; my goal is to reassure you about the document you received:

      (i) The meaning of the removed sentence was almost exactly the same as the preceding material. It was a bit superfluous, and thus detracted from the document’s quality.

      (ii) The removed sentence could be viewed as exhibiting a slightly “lyrical” quality. Now, I love lyrical writing myself, don’t get me wrong, but it must be deployed in apt contexts. If it’s out-of-place, readers sometimes interpret this as self-indulgence by the author. It’s where the famous advice by William Faulkner came from: “In writing, you must kill all your darlings.” Meaning: Sometimes these beautiful sentences we’ve lovingly created need to be cut for the sake of the reader. That’s why we have editors and advisors to help us when we write. Their job is to give us the reader’s perspective. And it’s tough. People get very attached to their sentences. I’m continuously battling this in my own writing, believe me! Now, Sarah’s judgement call was that (in addition to the meaning being conveyed elsewhere) the tone of this sentence wasn’t helpful to you in a professional document. I think she made the right call. But I want you to know: I understand why you might worry and I know why extra explanation is important for your peace of mind. Your peace of mind is very important to me—to everyone at ZHISHIQ. This brings me to my next point, which is…

      I agree with you that a prompt reply after Sarah saw your message would have been desirable. In mitigation, I’d say, she had already completed work on the document for you really quickly as you requested. She uploaded the document, she knew it was excellent: Job done. She didn’t see your final message about the 24 words until the application deadline had already expired (the document was completed on the day of the deadline, within 24 hours of your feedback!) We don’t require advisors to be glued to their screens. But we do ask that they respond to new messages within 24 hours of receiving them. In this case, Sarah’s reasoning was that the deadline had passed, which is why she didn’t get back to you promptly. If she’d had a full picture of your concerns, as I do now, I know she’d have given you a more thorough explanation, a little like mine above.

      I really want you to know that your work was prioritized by Sarah. She worked hard to provide a high-quality document ahead of schedule. She addressed all your needs as best she could. Given the above, we all deeply, deeply regret that you feel negative about the service.

      Andy Daum | CPO/ coFounder,

  • Lynn Lin
    Lynn Lin Dec 2, 2018
    硕士文书服务 Statement of Purpose 深度修改 市场营销学

    Thanks for Sarah's amazing work, which is super helpful! I very appreciate it!

  • Yu Shen
    Yu Shen Nov 22, 2018
    英文简历服务 深度修改 电子工程

    Sarah N is super professional. My CV has improved a lot after the deep modification in arrangement and material.

  • 181****5852
    181****5852 Nov 18, 2018
    硕士文书服务 Personal Statement 深度修改 数学


  • Kevin Ma
    Kevin Ma Nov 18, 2018
    硕士文书服务 Personal Statement 深度修改 环境工程

    Super professional, patient and efficient ! Strongly recommended.

  • Yinglei
    Yinglei Nov 10, 2018
    硕士文书服务 Essay 深度修改 环境工程

    very professional and helpful! Thank you for your revision!


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