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文书顾问简要 简介

I am glad that so many outstanding Chinese students want to come and study in the UK and other countries, and I am glad to help. I have assisted clients with applications to over 80 different universities in a dozen Asian, European and North American countries, including successful applications to most of the world's top-20 ranked universities. I graduated from the London School of Economics and have 35 years' experience drafting and editing CVs, reports, leaflets, information for Ministers, citizens, and the media. I now work as an employment coach, helping people find jobs; I drive elderly people to a day centre; assist hospital patients; and am a countryside volunteer, coppicing woodlands, laying hedges and protecting natural habitats.

我非常愿意帮助众多才华横溢的中国学生实现他们的中国留学梦想。 我毕业于伦敦经济学院并且有35年的简历,报告等文书修改经历。 我现在是一个求职顾问,帮助大家找到自己自己理想的工作。我同时参加了非常多的志愿活动, 比如接送老人来往活动中心。同时我也是一个林业志愿者, 进行灌木修剪, 安放树篱以及帮助保护自然栖息地。

顾问自我介绍 自我介绍

I studied at Bryanston School before gaining a first class honours degree in French and German at the Polytechnic of Central London and an MSc(Econ.) at LSE.  I studied at Tubingen and Lille Universities as part of my PCL degree course.  I know how rewarding it can be to live and study abroad.

I worked in a Devon pie factory for a year before joining the Department of the Environment where I managed contracts, negotiated and implemented European Union environmental regulations, and advised Ministers on housing, environmental and other issues.  I introduced changes to council tenants' right to buy their home, saving municipalities over £100 million a year.  I managed or mentored staff seeking to develop their career, and ended as redeployment manager at the Department of Energy and Climate Change, helping staff to find new jobs or careers.

I currently assist hospital patients with feeding and conversation, advise job seekers, work with Bromley Countryside Volunteers, and work with Age UK driving elderly people to a day centre in the minibus, serving lunch and playing games which they mostly win.

We have two daughters, a doctor and a scientific publishing assistant.  I have many Chinese relatives many of whom came from Hong Kong to study or work in the UK.

I look forward to helping you succeed in your university application. 

在我去到伦敦中央理工学院和伦敦政治学院攻读法语,德语和经济学硕士之前,我以一等荣誉毕业生毕业于Bryanston学校。 伦敦中央理工学院的课程的一部分是需要在蒂宾根大学和里尔大学完成的。所以对于海外学习和生活我感同身受。


我之前在德文郡派工厂工作, 之后我去到环境部门进行欧盟环境法规相关的条文管理以及协商实施。 我提出了相关地产置业政策帮助欧洲理事会节省了10亿欧元。 



London School of Economics

Master Economics: European integration

Polytechnic of Central London (now, Westminster University)

Bachelor modern languages


patient befriender volunteer

King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


ZigZag Education

volunteer employment coach

Careers Development Group / Shaw Trust / Bromley Council / Phoenix Community Housing


Royal Geographical Society

policy advisor / policy manager / redeployment manager

Department of the Environment / Department of Energy and Climate Change

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服务质量462 人评价
  • Liu
    Liu Nov 21, 2022
    博士文书服务 个人陈述 语言润色 电子工程

    I've read the statement, and it's much more fluent than before, and you also noticed some minor mistakes I've made. Excellent service, and I appreciate that!

    • Adam S头像
      Adam S

      Thank you so much for your kind comments! Just doing my job... and really enjoying working with you.
      Very best wishes for the future,

  • Katherine
    Katherine Oct 23, 2022
    推荐信修改服务 深度修改 金融学

    Adam has given useful suggestions on content, logic and wording. Definitely a five-star for his service!

    • Adam S头像
      Adam S

      Thank you so much for your kind comments, Katherine. It's been a great pleasure working with you. Have a great time in Canada!

  • Katherine
    Katherine Oct 23, 2022
    英文简历服务 深度修改 金融学

    Adam is professional and kind. My resume has become substantial and well-formatted after his revision. Highly recommended!

  • Zheran Zeng
    Zheran Zeng Sep 1, 2022
    博士文书服务 个人陈述 语言润色 电机、电气工程

    Professional Comments

    • Adam S头像
      Adam S

      Thank you so much for your kind comments, Zheran. It's a pleasure working with you!
      All the very best,

  • 198****2055
    198****2055 Jun 27, 2022
    硕士/博士文书套餐 PS 套餐 VIP服务 传媒与新闻学

    Professor Adam is very, very patient. Every round of revision documents will patiently ask where I want to modify and give me some help and advice. Every time I apply for a school, Professor Adam will help me go to the school's official website to check the relevance of the school's curriculum and my experience. And find the school's teacher's website. Finally, Professor Adam also helped me apply to the school and major I wanted most! Professor Adam wrote a clear logic and fluent. It is the writing style that the admissions officer will like very much!

    • Adam S头像
      Adam S

      Thank you so much for your generous comments, Hanyang. It's been a great pleasure working with you and I'm so glad you were accepted by your first-choice university. Your hard work has been rewarded with success and I hope you have a fantastic time at King's.

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer Jun 12, 2022
    英文简历服务 深度修改 工商管理/MBA

    Adam is very professional and detail-oriented. His advice implies that he has a super solid business/economics background, not just in academics but also professional areas. He reviewed every single detail of my resume and referred back to the format/requirement of the school, which I didn't pay much attention to at first. And his feedback is always in a timely manner. It is a good experience to have a tutor like him in school application process. I highly recommend him to other students.

    • Adam S头像
      Adam S

      Dear Jennifer,
      Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to complete this very generous review. I've greatly enjoyed working with you and would love to have the opportunity to do so again.
      All the best,

  • Kingsley
    Kingsley Feb 11, 2022
    外籍模拟面试服务 金融学

    Adam is very patient and professional. He gave me many valuable suggestions!

    • Adam S头像
      Adam S

      Thanks so much, Kingsley! I hope to offer more help and preparation over the next few days.
      Looking forward to our next conversation,


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