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文书顾问简要 简介

Hello! My name is Lucien Monson. I taught as a professor for over six years at University of South Florida. I spent many years mentoring both foreign and American students, assisting them with their writing, advising them, and providing letters of recommendation. In 2018, I successfully applied for a fellowship to do research for my dissertation at Fudan University. As an academic, I know a lot about what universities and scholarship programs look for in an applicant. I look forward to using my knowledge to help your application materials shine so you can stand out in the crowd!

你好! 我的名字是Lucien Monson。 我在南佛罗里达大学担任教授六年多。 我花了很多年时间指导外国和美国学生,协助他们写作,为他们提供建议,并提供推荐信。 2018年,我成功申请到复旦大学的奖学金做我的论文研究。 作为一名学者,我非常了解大学和奖学金计划对申请人的要求。 我期待用我的知识来帮助您的申请材料大放异彩,让您在人群中脱颖而出!

顾问自我介绍 自我介绍

I recently graduated from the University of South Florida with my PhD in Chinese and European philosophy. I have more than six years of experience mentoring and teaching students in Florida, China, and New York.

Between 2018 and 2021, I was at Fudan University in Shanghai doing research for my dissertation. While there, I met a young student who was applying to schools in the United States. I helped him with his applications and prepared him for his interviews. I came to understand just how difficult it can be for Chinese students to pursue their degrees in a foreign country! I very much enjoyed using my experience as a professor to help this student and am excited to say that he went on to have a successful time studying in the US. I look forward to using my insider knowledge to help you, too, build the strongest application you can!

As a professor at the University of South Florida, I provided advice and feedback to students from around the world in order to strengthen their writing. I see it as my job to help you become the best writer you can be through an encouraging and inspiring atmosphere. Part of my job as a professor also required me to provide letters of recommendation to students applying for graduate schools and jobs. Therefore, I am very familiar with this portion of an application, along with personal statement and the like. I am happy to say that many of my students have successfully gone on to great programs, particularly in the field of medical sciences.

I currently live in New York City, where I continue to do research and write. I love to cook, especially Sichuan food, and love to travel. While in China I spent a lot of time exploring the country and learning about the different cultures and cuisines China has to offer. I look forward to advising you on whatever writing materials you need assistance with and working together toward your success!



2018 年至 2021 年,我在上海复旦大学为我的论文做研究。在那里,我遇到了一位正在申请美国学校的年轻学生。我帮助他完成了申请,并为他的面试做好了准备。我开始明白中国学生在国外攻读学位是多么困难!我非常喜欢利用我作为教授的经验来帮助这位学生,并且很高兴地说他继续在美国学习取得了成功。我也期待利用我的内幕知识帮助您构建最强大的申请!





Fudan University 复旦大学

Others Philosophy

University of South Florida

PH.D Philosophy

Fordham University

Master Philosophy

Fordham University

Bachelor Philosophy


Philosophy Instructor

Legal Outreach
  • Mentored high school students from underprivileged and immigrant communities in New York City.
  • Advised students on college life, applications, and writing
  • Taught university level course in philosophical ethics

Adjunct Professor/Graduate Teaching Associate

University of South Florida
  • Taught courses in philosophy to classes of around 50 students.
  • Courses included: Biomedical Ethics, Professional Ethics, Intro to Ethics, Intro to Philosophy, and Critical Thinking

获奖 & 荣誉

Confucius Institute Joint PhD Program Fellowship

Confucius Institute

Two year fellowship granted to pursue research on my dissertation at Fudan University.




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  • Xinyue
    Xinyue Jan 14, 2022
    推荐信修改服务 VIP服务 材料科学/工程

    I am so sorry that I click button of “comfirm order finished" that late. I thought I had clicked the button last month.
    Prof. Lucien is so great! First of all, he is so professional. He helped me creat a decent and refined recommendation letter. I believe Prof. Lucien's work will help me a lot with application.
    Moreover, he is very responsible and works very efficiently. Last month, I needed a recomendation letter urgently. I must get a finshed product in five fays. Prof. Lucien helped me created a perfect letter within 4 days! He even worked in late night to polish the letter!
    Thanks Prof. Lucien! I really appreciate it!

  • Shuyu
    Shuyu Dec 16, 2021
    硕士文书服务 Essay 深度修改 政府公共管理学

    Thank you~

  • Steve
    Steve Dec 13, 2021
    硕士文书服务 Personal Statement 深度修改 文学

    I really appreciate working with you on a great personal statement, you provided me with valuable advice and helped me make a lot of improvements and I learned some valuable advice on how to focus my personal statement.

  • Leyi ZHOU
    Leyi ZHOU Nov 28, 2021
    硕士文书服务 Personal Statement 语言润色 文学

    very nice and thank you a lot!!

  • Alisa
    Alisa Nov 16, 2021
    硕士文书服务 Others 深度修改 金融学

    Lucien is very patient and will listen to all of your ideas. I am really surprised by the quality of the work he amended. He really makes all the sentences sound native and professional. Many Thanks.

  • Vicky
    Vicky Oct 6, 2021
    英文简历服务 语言润色 其它医学相关专业

    Lucien is a very nice person, who has given me a lot reasonable and reliable suggestions. He helped me make a perfect CV.

  • Peng
    Peng Sep 3, 2021
    推荐信修改服务 语言润色 社会学

    Thanks a lot!


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