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文书顾问简要 简介

Hello! I'm Sarah, a native English speaker based in the United States. I'm a highly experienced professional editor with a background in logistics and finance. My industry experiences have been further enriched through extensive training in both editing and writing, including earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing from Knox College. I use these skill sets to help my clients craft their prose and hone their arguments so they can stand out from the crowd and make their dream schools a reality. It would be my genuine pleasure to assist you in developing and perfecting your essays and applications!

我是一名自由编辑,拥有诺克斯学院创意写作学位和超过 20 年的写作经验。 多年来,我扮演了许多角色,让我在金融、物流、艺术和市场营销方面拥有丰富的经验。 我真的很高兴帮助您开发和完善您的论文和申请。

顾问自我介绍 自我介绍

My name is Sarah, and I am delighted to have the opportunity to be an Advisor at ZHISHIQ!


I have a degree in Creative Writing from Knox College and have been writing for as long as I can remember. I currently live in Chicago, where I work as a professional editor. After I graduated college, I spent years in the logistics and finance fields before finally deciding to set that aside and focus my full attention on editing professionally. My time is currently divided between editing word-based games for Choice of Games, assisting independent writers with their projects, and, of course, helping my ZHISHIQ clients! 


我拥有诺克斯学院的创意写作学位,并且从我记事起就一直在写作。 我目前住在芝加哥,在那里我是一名自由编辑。 直到最近,我还在物流部门工作,但决定将其搁置一旁,全神贯注于编辑。 我在利用我的写作背景帮助他人创作出他们最好的作品中找到了极大的满足感。



Knox College

Bachelor Creative Writing



Choice of Games

I edit word-based games for a company called Choice of Games and its sister company, Hosted Games. My job is to ensure there are no spelling errors or grammatical mistakes while also polishing the prose. 


I work with independent writers, helping them produce their best possible work by proofreading and offering creative suggestions. I provide services ranging from proofreading to copy editing, depending on the writer's needs. 

Account Coordinator

CH Robinson

I managed the day-to-day maintenance and activities of one account. I worked with both the customer and the end-receivers to ensure everything ran smoothly. I spent my days scheduling appointments, responding to customer and end-receiver inquires, handling issues that occur in transit, managing finances, providing freight quotes, booking loads, and running reports to ensure my customer's needs were met in a timely and fiscally responsible manner. Part of my job was to find ways to improve our daily processes using the tools and technology available to ensure we were providing the customer a seamless customer service experience.

Clerical Professional

Multimedia Sales and Marketing
I provided backup for all roles in the Operations Department along with my daily tasks. This primarily included weekly system backups, creating and editing scripts, editing invoices, processing canceled orders, entering new information into the system, ensuring our system was up-to-date, and keeping track of sales.

Staff Writer

Dovenmuehle Mortgage
I answered borrower inquiries and solved problems associated with borrower loans. I maintained a complex understanding of the loan process and accurately explained those details to customers who possessed little loan knowledge in a way that was easy for them to comprehend. I became efficient with the MSP computer program, as well as all major Microsoft Word programs.

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Made the Dean's List

Knox College




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  • Xingyi Zhao
    Xingyi Zhao May 28, 2022
    硕士文书服务 Others 深度修改 文学

    Thanks for your help!
    Sarah is really responsible for my writing sample. She helped me meet my application deadline with a really high quality writing sample even faster than the urgent level requirement. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a great essay assistance.

    • Sarah L头像
      Sarah L

      Thank you so much, Xingyi! It was a true pleasure to work with you!! :)

  • Eric
    Eric Oct 30, 2021
    推荐信修改服务 语言润色 金融学

    Sarah is very approachable.

    • Sarah L头像
      Sarah L

      Thank you, Eric! It was wonderful working with you. :)


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