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文书顾问简要 简介

Hi! I'm a passionate and experienced writer, editor, ESL instructor, and tutor. I am certified to teach English as a foreign language, and have taught writing, grammar, speaking, and listening in Vietnam and Spain. I have also worked in writing and editing roles for a variety of international e-commerce companies and blogs. I believe that higher education is one of the most powerful tools for future success, and I'm excited to work with you to help transform your writing!

你好!我是一个经验丰富的作家,编辑, 对外英语讲师。 我持有对外英语教学资格, 并且在西班牙和越南进行过英语教学。我也在很多国际电子商务公司担任文案编辑。我认为高等教育是通往未来成功之路的有力武器, 我非常期待帮助你提高文书的整体表现力。

顾问自我介绍 自我介绍

I am originally from a small town in Colorado. Growing up, I always dreamed of seeing the world and experiencing different cultures.  After graduating with a degree in International Business from the University of British Columbia, I received my TESOL certification and set off to teach English in Vietnam. There, I found my passion teaching English writing, speaking, and listening to students.  I also worked as a private writing tutor to Vietnamese high school students, helping them perfect their writing for college admissions. 


I've had the opportunity to live and work in the U.S., Canada, Spain, Vietnam, and Colombia, and am continuing to pursue my dream of seeing the world! I've found that living abroad in different places has allowed me to approach cultural differences with respect and curiousity. I believe that the opportunity to study and work abroad is essential in today's globalized world, and am happy and excited to help students expand their bounderies by giving them the tools to successfully apply to international colleges. 


When I'm not editing essays or blogging for a variety of companies, you'll find me exploring Medellin, Colombia, where I'm currently living. I love trying all the weird and wonderful food here, watching concerts, and dancing (terribly!) to salsa music. 

我来自卡罗拉多州的一个小城镇。在成长的过程中, 我才一直梦想可以走遍世界各地去感受不同的文化。 毕业于英属哥伦比亚大学国际商务专业, 我获得了对外英语教学经验并且在越南开启了教育之路。这些让我发现了我对英语教学的热情。 同时,我也在越南高中担任私人写作助教,帮助他们提高写作以及帮助他们进行大学申请。 

我曾今在美国,加拿大, 西班牙, 越南还有哥伦比亚工作并且我希望可以去到更多的国家。 我发现在居住在不同的国家可以让我带有尊重还有好奇的心态看待不同的文化。 我认为出国留学在现在这个全球化的世界是非常重要的, 同时我也非常高兴我可以帮助你拓宽眼界通过在申请过程中祝你一臂之力。 

当我不工作的时候,你会发现我正在探索哥伦比亚这个神奇的国度。 我喜欢尝试所有的奇怪的食物,听音乐会, 并且跳舞。 



The University of British Columbia

Bachelor International Business


Marketing Consultant

Nantucket Brand Trading Co.

Developed social media strategy and created content to improve user engagement through Pinterest, WordPress blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Planned and executed email marketing campaigns through MailChimp to improve subscriber interaction with emails and ecommerce site

Created and implemented A/B tests through Optimizely, focused on improving site responsiveness and visitor conversions

Planned, developed, and launched promotional and rewards campaigns to acquire new customers and increase revenue

Tracked, reported, and analyzed key metrics from Google Analytics and Mandrill, including open/click rate, views, visits, revenue, and demographics

English Language Teacher

Apollo English

Designed and taught lesson plans focusing on meaningful language presentation and usage to a variety of students at different levels and abilities

Refined oral presentation skills while delivering an engaging and persuasive lectures

Marketing Consultant

Cici Art Factory

Developed and aided in the implementation of the company’s first marketing plan, after conducting primary and secondary research on the target market

The campaign, which focuses on increasing brand awareness through social media, has lead to a 10% increase in customers since implementation in February 2013.

Business Consultant

Sauder d.Studio

Partnered with Vancouver-based startup to outline and analyze the business model, and provided marketing suggestions based on opportunities and gaps found, which were implemented by the company.

Planned and led a workshop series to Pacific Arbour Retirement Homes addressing the reduction of carbon emissions through on-site agricultural projects. The workshop, which focused on marketing the green business practices to employees and residents, increased employee enthusiasm and resulted in the immediate construction of five new agricultural sites

Communications Assistant

Go Global UBC

Responsible for web content organization and management using the Mura platform

Wrote and edited new content for blog, web pages, and social media

Key team member in developing and implementing a campus-wide communication and marketing plan

Organized on-campus promotions, including planning events, scheduling speaking engagements, distributing print media, and managing online contests.

Communications Intern

Outpeak Services

Wrote, edited, and published content on various online media, including mass e-newsletter blasts, blogs (using Wordpress and Google Blogger), and e-commerce product descriptions

Managed company social media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter, and ran weekly contests resulting in a 25% increase in followers after one month

Responsible for web content management using a variety of platforms, including CRE Loaded, Yahoo Manager, and Magnetic One

Complied and analyzed weekly reports on the statistics of various sites using Google Analytics

Project Manager


Managed a team of 5 people in order to design and implement a communications strategy for over 25 Dairy Queen locations in the greater Vancouver area

Increased traffic and customer loyalty based on our student-centric promotions solution

Other clients: Orange Julius, Vanelli's, Warner Brothers, Raw Canvas

获奖 & 荣誉

Presidents Entrance Scholarship

University of British Columbia




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  • 4 金融学
  • 3 战略管理学
  • 2 传媒与新闻学
  • 2 市场营销学
  • 2 工商管理/MBA
  • 2 统计科学
  • 地理学
  • 文学
  • 文化和宗教学
  • 电影、电视
  • 英语
  • 创意写作
  • 商学和管理学
  • 运筹管理学
  • 人力资源管理
  • 零售、消费者研究
  • 旅游和酒店管理
  • 农业经济与管理
  • 运筹学、供应链管理、物流管理
  • 创业学
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  • Elaine
    Elaine Dec 16, 2015
    硕士文书服务 Essay 深度修改 金融学


  • rylee
    rylee Nov 10, 2015
    硕士文书服务 Essay 语言润色 战略管理学

    Megan works fast and well.

  • Evelyn Ni
    Evelyn Ni Nov 8, 2015
    硕士文书服务 Personal Statement 深度修改 传媒与新闻学

    Great job. Efficient and professional. Thanks a lot~

  • Tong
    Tong Oct 30, 2015
    英文简历服务 语言润色 会计、审计、金融管理

    Megan is awesome! Besides answers to my questions, she will also give me other informative tips. Her edition is very careful,specific and professional. BTW,she is very efficient.

  • Tong
    Tong Oct 29, 2015
    硕士文书服务 Recommendation Letter 深度修改 会计、审计、金融管理

    It's the third document to work with Megan. She is always passionate and professional. She replies the message in time. Thanks for her job so much!

  • Tong
    Tong Oct 29, 2015
    硕士文书服务 Personal Statement 深度修改 会计、审计、金融管理

    Megan is the super excellent! She gives my very professional and concrete advice. Besides, she acts quickly. Anyway, you will never regret choosing her!

  • Wenrui Liu
    Wenrui Liu Oct 22, 2015
    硕士文书服务 Essay 语言润色 统计科学

    I am really impressed with your work in such a tense schedule. I was able to meet my deadline, and all my essays are reviewed by two editors to make sure everything was perfect. Thank you so much for your hard work!


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