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文书顾问简要 简介

Hello all. I am a professional editor with over 14 years of experience in publishing and education organizations, most recently as the Senior Editor at UWSCollege, a part of the University of Western Sydney in Australia. I have edited a diverse range of publications from textbooks and professional books to student materials and course guides to corporate documents, websites and e-documents. In addition to my exceptional attention to detail, I am passionate about using my editing and writing skills to help people achieve their goals by enhancing the effectiveness of their written communications to both inform and engage the readers.I have a Bachelor of Arts (English and Semiotics) from the University of Sydney and a Postgraduate Diploma in Book Editing and Publishing and am constantly undertaking further education to develop and add to my skills.

大家好。我是一个有14年出版教育机构编辑行业从业经验的编辑。目前我是我是西悉尼学院的资深编辑。 我编辑过非常多专业方向的出版物,包括教科书, 学生资料, 课程大纲,合作文件, 网站以及电子读物。 我除了非常注重细节, 我也非常执迷于运用我的写作技巧来提交你的语言表达能力从而实现你的目标。 我在悉尼大学获得了英语和符号学学士学位, 书籍出版学位硕士学位并且我还在不断学习从而精进我的能力。

顾问自我介绍 自我介绍

I originally began an Economics degree with the University of New South Wales, but had a change of heart and spent some time living and working in different areas of Australia, and travelling overseas. I returned to university as a mature-age student studying English and Semiotics at the University of Sydney, and courses specific to editing and publishing. I began working as an editor and realized I had found a career that I loved. I now have my own business, which combines the job I enjoy with the flexibility that I also love. I like being outdoors, particularly at the beach, and discovering new (to me) and interesting places and people around the world and the different cuisines. I am also fascinated by the diverse stories that are told via books and movies.

开始是在新南威尔士大学学习经济学学位, 但是后来随着世界各地旅行工作,改变了主意去到悉尼大学学习英语同时开始研修编辑发表祥光的课程。 我开始踏入编辑行业并且意识到这就是我的一生所的行业。我现在拥有自己的事业,我享受这份事业给我带来的乐趣同时也非常热爱这事业的自由灵活工作环境。 我喜欢户外活动, 尤其喜欢海滩, 我喜欢发掘身边有趣新鲜的人事物。同时我也对书籍以及电影中描绘的各种故事非常着迷。



University of Sydney

Bachelor English and Semiotics



SMR Editing Services

I produce high-quality, concise, engaging and user friendly publications in a freelance/contract capacity, creating, updating and editing print and digital publications, including applications, CVs, resumes, marketing, corporate, administrative and training materials, and website, intranet, e-book and social media content.

Senior Editor

University of Western Sydney

In this role, I coordinated, edited and amended content for student materials in print, online and iBook formats, including ESL content; researched, reviewed and updated content for the website; and edited all other College publications, including marketing collateral, procedures manuals, widely distributed emails, e-newsletters and annual reports. I liaised with all areas of the College in the performance of these tasks.

I also monitored and updated social media sites, created procedures, guidelines and FAQs for the organization's SharePoint site and created and reviewed EDM materials.

In addition I created and maintained the Detailed Style Guidelines and style sheet, and mentored new editors.

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    Zhang,Xin Oct 6, 2015
    硕士文书服务 Personal Statement 语言润色 电子工程

    I was satisfied with PS polished from Sharon


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