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Yuhao Wang avatar Yuhao Wang 2016-12-01
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啊,网站用起来还不错,有一点建议,在提交文书修改订单的界面上,对于顾问修改文书的特别要求那一栏,只能写字,不能上传附件,如果在这一步就可以上传附件的话,相信与顾问的交流会更加有效率。 另外,这一栏的内容输入进去后,换行全部消失了,这样可能会对于申请者的表达和顾问的阅读造成一定的不便。

review_to_advisor :

Your work is professional and excellent. you are also a very thoughtful advisor! Hope to have further cooperation with you!

Yuhao Wang avatar Yuhao Wang 2016-12-09
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George,you are so great. I'm very satisfied with your work. In this work, you are responsible and carefully and care about what I think and tried your best to make my document personal for me. It's very nice to work with you!

  • George J T 回复 Yuhao Wang 2016-12-09 21:37

    Thanks very much! Good luck with your application!

Yuhao Wang avatar Yuhao Wang 2017-01-11
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review_to_advisor :

Thanks very much for your work! That truly helped my application!