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I am very proud to be a senior advisor at ZhishiQ and I am currently completing my Masters in Social Anthropology. I see words creatively, like a picture that needs every element beautifully composed to make a masterpiece, as well as, technically - how they fit and what meaning they convey.....I have edited many works, physics, architecture and planning, biomedical informatics, environmental engineering, education and pedagogy, public policy....and received a lot of thanks as well as great successes in terms of students getting into their dream University programs....which of course makes me happy and is why I do this job ;) 我了解到,同学们大多都拥有不同的的社会背景,经济情况也不尽相同。但大家为了同一个梦想--进入优秀的学校学习,都异常努力。因为我在MyDocumate平台上担任顾问也有一段日子了,所以收费会比正常的收费稍贵一些。如果你很优秀,但因为经济不允许,你可以私信我讲明你的情况,我十分乐意以正常的价格为你提供服务。:)

我感到非常荣幸自己能成为芝士圈资深顾问。 目前我正在攻读社会人类学硕士。 我认为每一个单词都是富有创造力的-就像一幅图片中的每个元素都非常美丽才能组成大师之作,就是说, 如何找到这些语句的最佳组合来表达我们的想法。我修改过非常多方向的申请文书, 包括物理学, 建筑规划, 生物医学, 环境工程, 教育学以及公共政策等。 我收到了非常多的感谢因为他们都被自己的理想院校录取。这让我感到非常高兴这也是为什么我一直在进行这项工作。我了解到,同学们大多都拥有不同的的社会背景,经济情况也不尽相同。但大家为了同一个梦想--进入优秀的学校学习,都异常努力。因为我在zhishiQ平台上担任顾问也有一段日子了,所以收费会比正常的收费稍贵一些。如果你很优秀,但因为经济不允许,你可以私信我讲明你的情况,我十分乐意以正常的价格为你提供服务。 :)

Self Introduction

I was born and raised in Samoa, a little island in the South Pacific, and spent most of my spare time climbing trees and swimming or snorkelling the beautiful reefs surrounding my home. I am currently living in Australia. One of my recent projects is an audio adventure play for children, set in the Daintree Rainforest in Far North Queensland, Australia whereby my characters, four children embark on a camping trip, exploring a creek and encountering some of the weird and wonderful flora and fauna one finds in the rainforest, including fireflies, stinging trees and green tree frogs. The play called 'Daintree Kids find Mad Dog's Cave' is presently available at daintreekids.com.

I have extensive writing experience: a column in a newspaper that had 30,000 readership called 'Back to basics' whereby I focused on eco-environmental and sustainable practices; wrote a play for teens presented at The Clink Theatre FNQ; A children's play presently in post production; and am currently writing a novel. I have also edited manuscripts, children's stories, letters and essays locally and my particular talent with respect to editing is to remain true to the client's 'voice' and to develop and enhance the narrative based upon their real life abilities. 

我出生来南太平洋的萨摩亚群岛. 我的童年是在爬树, 游泳以及潜水当中渡过。 目前我生活在澳大利大并且我是五个孩子的母亲。其中三个已经成年,两个年幼的一个7岁一个4岁。 我享受作为一个母亲的角色以及培养青少年健康独立, 充满自信的成长. 我最近的一个项目给孩子们录制一个音频,在北昆士兰丹翠雨林,四个孩子踏上野营冒险之旅, 旅途中见到许多奇妙的植物和动物,包括火萤, 刺桐树, 以及绿树蛙。 “丹崔孩童寻疯狗洞穴”这部影片现在正在后期剪辑之中。

我有非常丰富的协作技巧:我有一个有30,000读者的名叫回归本真的报刊专栏, 在这个专栏中我专注于经济环境可持续化发展问题;我给孩子们写过剧本并且在Clink 剧院出演; 一个儿童话剧目前正在后期排练; 我目前正在写作一部小说。 同时我也修改手稿, 孩子们编写的故事,我可以在保留孩子们语言风格的同事帮助他们拓展整个故事,增强故事的表现能力。

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Massey University

Bachelor Social Anthropology

Massey University

Master Social Anthropology ongoing


Information Guide

Australian Butterfly sanctuary

I know a lot about butterflies! The tour travels through the butterfly sanctuary, where I talk about egg collections, predators that affect butterflies, the way that butterflies see colour and shapes. We pass through the laboratory, where we discuss the various growth stages of caterpillars, how they transform into the chrysalis and then butterfly. We discuss butterfly scales, life spans, and points of interest such as the fact that some butterflies are highly toxic. The next stage covers butterfly courtship and also air battles between territorial males.

Honor & Award

Best mum award :)

My son




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  • WANG Jing Wei
    WANG Jing Wei Oct 12 at 16:18
    Finance application document polish Heavy Edit

    感谢Tanya~ 有很多本不是她职责范围的事,她都帮我一一解答帮助了~最后的版本也非常comprehensive~ 谢谢~

  • Yu Yang
    Yu Yang Aug 29 at 13:06
    Computer Science/Engineering Text Package Service

    lucky to meet Tanya

  • Erin
    Erin Apr 08 at 08:45
    Retailing & Consumer Science mock interview

    Tanya is a very experienced interviewer and asked me all questions on the list. She also gave me some very good suggestions on my answers. The feedback of interview was sent quickly with detailed comments about my performance.

    So I highly recommend Tanya for your mock interview.

  • Cathy
    Cathy Mar 21 at 16:48
    Film & Television mock interview

    I'm so happy that we have a good time. Thank you for your suggestions and your kind words. I think I'm not that nervous as the beginning. Thank you again and as you said, I believe I can give a good performance during the interview. Hoping that I can receive the offer from NYU very soon~

  • Hongfei
    Hongfei Mar 17 at 13:44
    Business Administration/MBA application document polish VIP Essay Tutorial

    Tanya! You are sooooo Great!! Perfect! I don't know how to describe my appreciation!

  • 傅晓艺
    傅晓艺 Feb 14 at 20:32
    Sociology One Stop Service / Text Package Service


  • viviancui
    viviancui Jan 16 at 12:22
    Computer Science/Engineering application document polish Heavy Edit

    Dear Tanya~ Please forgive me to write this in Chinese. I want to precisely express my appreciation for you by this way.




    Thank you so much Tanya! I really hope after this, we can still keep in touch!

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