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Team testimonials

This is by far the best job I have ever had. I am part of a community of advisors and staff who are constantly available and willing to offer advice and support. There is a strong framework of ethics, rules and guidance, but freedom to use our (not infallible) judgment in every case. The system is efficient, from accepting tasks to exchanging drafts and advice and onwards to rapid and transparent payment; technical problems are rare and pounced on by staff. We have the pleasure of constantly encountering talented young people and playing a small part in advancing their education and career

Adam Scott, London School of Economics, Click for ZHISHIQ Profile

ZHISHIQ has provided an engaging, flexible source of supplemental income that pays substantially more than other part-time work and still allows me the time and energy to pursue my research.

Frank Episale, New York University, Click for ZHISHIQ Profile

Being a part of ZHISHIQ has been fantastic. It has enabled me to work remotely while earning well, and to make a difference to the lives of some incredibly talented and ambitious students. It has been fascinating to be exposed to (and learn about!) a broad range of subjects over my four years with the company. Getting to know clients during long-term package work has also been insightful and rewarding, while hearing of success stories and university placements remains as special now as it did when I started. The ZHISHIQ platform has put me in touch with people I would otherwise never have had the chance to work with. I remember the help and support I had from friends and family during my own university applications, so being able to pass insights on to seriously deserving candidates has been a great privilege.

George Taylor, University of Oxford<, Click for ZHISHIQ Profile

I helped a client prepare for an interview at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He was applying to a concentration that is directly related to my area of expertise. We had two 1-hour sessions to prepare for the interview, and several weeks later, I received a delightful email from him. He had been admitted to his dream program. He expressed his gratitude and wish to continue our correspondence as he embarks on his graduate school journey; I look forward to hearing from him. The most gratifying part of the work as an advisor for ZHISHIQ is collaboration with clients on work that is critical to determining their future academic and professional lives. It is an honor and a great responsibility to be playing such an influential role. I travel extensively, and being able to work anywhere in the world with ZHISHIQ just with an internet connection is amazing. I have traveled to 8 different countries across 3 continents while working as an advisor with ZHISHIQ. It is great to have such a responsive and helpful office staff who can intervene on delicate matters between the advisors and the clients.

Hee Jin Bang, New York University, Click for ZHISHIQ Profile

When I initially joined the site, I never anticipated that it would become so much more to me than a way to earn extra money. After three seasons with ZHISHIQ, I can honestly say that it is the highlight of my year to work with such eager and clever students. I invest myself into making sure they each have the best chance for success, and in this way, I feel like I have succeeded. Nothing is more touching than to receive a thankful message from a client saying that they got into their dream school and that the advice you offered was what helped make that happen. On top of the wonderful students I meet each year, ZHISHIQ offers a community of other editors who I can turn to for advice and the friendliest admin team in the world. No other place I have worked, full-time or freelance, has ever offered such direct support from management that want its advisors to make the most of their time with the company.

Marni Bayles, University of Edinburgh, Click for ZHISHIQ Profile

For me, ZHISHIQ has been an amazing journey from the start. Having worked as an advisor with ZHISHIQ for 3+ years, I have found it to be a highly invaluable experience. It offers flexibility, great pay, excellent work-life balance, and the opportunity to cooperate with some remarkable students, all while gaining exposure to a wide variety of subjects. The ZHISHIQ staff/management are also a great bunch, making working with an online team a breeze. I feel truly fortunate to be part of such a great team!

Sam Hersi, University of Ottawa, Click for ZHISHIQ Profile

Our mission

Our goal is to offer access to: ethical support, guidance, and feedback that many Western candidates receive by virtue of geography alone. We aim to level the playing field in international admissions.

—ZHISHIQ founders


Integrity & excellence

We recruit and train outstanding individuals who are passionate about providing ethically-minded, high-impact support to Chinese students. These people have formed our advisor team. We connect our clients to advisors via our custom-built online collaboration platform. The team delivers a set of standardized services focused on supporting clients in a quick turnaround exercise in refining self-expression and promoting self-discovery on the page.

Supporting the admissions process

Since 2012, ZHISHIQ has run workshops and events in universities across China to communicate the tenets of persuasive writing for competitive applications contexts. We promote the admissions process to candidates as a meaningful, enriching, and vital opportunity to craft their personal pitch. We aspire to make a contribution to our clients’ progress that extends beyond admission.

Track record

ZHISHIQ is the largest overseas admissions platform in China, with over 200,000 study abroad candidates using some aspect of our online resources or services in 2017 alone. Since 2012, our advisor team has helped Chinese students and professionals tackle unfamiliar Western procedures for competitive admissions at US, UK and Australian universities.

Join the advisor team

Each member of our advisor team has a passionate interest in his or her clients and helping each of them tell their compelling story of achievement and make a case for admission.

Basic requirements

  • MS Word knowledge
  • Attention-to-detail
  • Good-natured professionalism
  • Strict adherence to deadlines
  • Native English speaker
  • Strong academic and/ or professional background

Before you apply

Our editing-advising products are standardized; this is an essential aspect of the platform. Whatever your level of experience, willingness to learn our services is important.

We welcome individuals who inject flair, warmth, and professionalism into advisor-client relationships. We have a positive team of conscientious people whom we expect to engage with each other, our staff, and our clients positively and professionally.

Although serving 1000s of clients requires compliance with certain standardized approaches, our best advisors are those who see ZHISHIQ as a personal branding opportunity. We welcome positivity, zeal, and enthusiasm in addition to the key background points and attention-to-detail skills noted in the basic requirements.

We suggest reading the material on this site and some of our advisors’ profiles before you apply. We really look forward to hearing from you.

Apply now

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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Andy (andy@zhishiq.com). It would be a pleasure to hear from you.