To offer access to:

  • support,
  • guidance, and
  • feedback

that many Western candidates receive by virtue of geography alone.

Level the playing field in international admissions.

—ZHISHIQ co-founders, 2012

Andy Daum, CPO/ coFounderBill Lu, CTO/ coFounderRaymond Huang, CEO/ coFounder
Andy DaumBill LuRay Huang
CPO/ coFounderCTO/ coFounderCEO/ coFounder


We recruit and train outstanding individuals who are passionate about providing ethically-minded, high-impact support to Chinese students. These people have formed our advisor team. We connect our clients to advisors via our custom-built online collaboration platform. The team delivers a set of standardized services focused on supporting clients in a quick turnaround exercise in refining self-expression and promoting self-discovery on the page.


Since 2012, ZHISHIQ has run workshops and events in universities across China to communicate the tenets of persuasive writing for competitive applications contexts. We promote the admissions process to candidates as a meaningful, enriching, and vital opportunity to craft their personal pitch. We aspire to make a contribution to our clients’ progress that extends beyond admission.


ZHISHIQ is the largest overseas admissions platform in China, with over 200,000 study abroad candidates using some aspect of our online resources or services in 2017 alone. Since 2012, our advisor team has helped Chinese students and professionals tackle unfamiliar Western procedures for competitive admissions at US, UK and Australian universities.


Each member of our advisor team has a passionate interest in his or her clients and helping each of them tell their compelling story of achievement and make a case for admission.

My own experiences have helped to shape my view that the unusual, high-stakes challenges of competitive applications (whether for educational or professional opportunities) offer incredible scope for personal growth. Thorough engagement has had a dramatic impact on not only my performance, but my self-esteem and—crucially—my outward confidence: The immeasurably important conviction that I have earned a right to the opportunity I’ve obtained.

Our goal is to help each of our clients derive these lifelong benefits from his or her application process. If you feel as passionately about these goals as myself and the other members of our team, then… What are you waiting for! Read the requirements below and if you feel you qualify, please don’t hesitate to apply.

Basic requirements
  • MS Word knowledge
  • Attention-to-detail
  • Good-natured professionalism
  • Strict adherence to deadlines
  • Native English speaker
  • Strong academic and/ or professional background
Before you apply

Our editing-advising products are standardized; this is an essential aspect of the platform. Whatever your level of experience, willingness to learn our services is important.

We certainly welcome a colorful breadth of individuals, who are able to inject their own brand of personal flair into their advisor-client relationships. We have a positive team of conscientious people who we expect to engage with each other, our staff, and our clients in a positive and professional manner.

Although serving 1000s of clients requires compliance with certain standardized approaches, our best advisors are those who see ZHISHIQ as a personal branding opportunity. We welcome positivity, zeal, and enthusiasm in addition to the key background points and attention-to-detail skills noted in the basic requirements.


I am writing this as the CPO and Co-Founder of ZHISHIQ (formerly known as MyDocumate) to try to help define what we’re all about and where the ideas for the company came from.

I’d say we’re quite a unique company. We’re venture capital-funded, yet we started on the most tenuous shoe string imaginable. Ray and I met on the steps of a Nanjing University building on a very dour day with dirty snow on the ground and waves of busy students ushering back and forth. We built our website, we progressed through tiny offices and a skeletal team; we were joined by Bill, our CTO. This has brought us to where we are now: The largest admissions support platform in China. Throughout this work we’ve been driven by a shared desire to transform how Mainland Chinese candidates access overseas education.


That was one of our earliest and most enduring slogans. Back in 2014, I remember chanting it at event after event, walking around with it scrawled across my T-shirt, seeing it on posters across campuses… We toured 25 Chinese universities that year with a writing workshop I came up with to teach students tenets of persuasive writing and tricks for self-advocacy. In general our audiences were academically astounding, with superb command of the English language. But the concepts we sought to impart had never been emphasized by the incumbent education system.

Throughout this experience, I’ve reflected heavily on my own application to the University of Oxford (which was back in 2001/2; I completed my degree in 2005). I’m more keenly aware than ever of the deeply unfair advantages incurred when one is ushered across thresholds by a brand-name school. Generalized guilt aside, however, I’m convinced I made something of the experience and benefitted from it; I have cause to be enormously grateful far beyond the short-lived conveniences of “dropping the O-bomb” (as a friend of mine refers to mentioning our alma mater). I arrived at Oxford with some very childish preconceptions, and I left with the tools to think about the world from different perspectives. Therein (somewhere) quite possibly lies happiness.

I met the friends who went on to teach me (and it really was friends who taught me this!) how to tick the boxes and spin the phrases and talk-the-talk that get you onto the next rung of the ladder. For me, apparently, that was training as a lawyer. I worked in London and Hong Kong before we started ZHISHIQ. I had the best conceivable access and the kindest possible support every step of the way. I still have it.

And then I think of how tenuous all that would have been without the people, the support, the insider tips from individuals with superior nous. An application. An interview. Not all of us are born with an innate capacity for the craft of forming words and sentences into a tale that will make people listen up, acknowledge our potential, give us grants and opportunities and liquidity and comfort. Most of us who made our way through life towards wonderful things like these, that spell freedom, have invariably had a little bit of guidance from someone who knows the system from the inside out.

So, I was not left to squeeze through any hoops on my own. I had a lot of help. Help from people who knew the system, who’d been through it, who could help me see more clearly what I had to do, emphasize, project. These were all people who knew what to expect. And I’d had as much access to them as I could have possibly wanted. Because of geography.

I was very lucky. So, I suspect, were you!

The goal of the ZHISHIQ Advisor team to make the admissions playing field a little bitter flatter, a little bit more about skill and hard work, than it is about luck.

Andy's scribble


We strongly suggest you read the material on this site and some of our advisors’ profiles before you apply. We really look forward to hearing from you.

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