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Hello everyone! I am interested in helping clients achieve their goals and dreams through assisting them in developing the most effective college admissions applications possible. As a college professor, I know the value of higher education and I think it is very important to facilitate, promote, and encourage students to strive for success, through hard work, and to make a positive difference in their nation and for the world.

Self Introduction

Originally from Davenport, Iowa, in the Midwestern region of the United States, I graduated high school and proceeded to serve in the U.S. Navy for almost five years. I was then able to pursue my higher education goals and I earned two undergraduate degrees, one Master's degree, and one Ph.D. degree. Besides my interests in science, asteroids, the Sun, and astronomy, I am an amateur chef, avid reader, and am interested in national and world politics. 

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Scientific Publications

Background Improvement
  • Course objectives: This service shows you the best strategies to get your scientific research published.
  • Who would benefit from this course: Researcher who wants to publish scientific research
  • Brief Description: Created and run by academics at top institutions, this workshop will show you exactly what you need to do to impress, putting you leagues ahead of the Scientific Publication competition.



Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Iowa State University


Iowa State University

Political Science


Proposal reviewer/panelist/group chief


I have served on a variety of NASA research and analysis review panel that evaluate proposals for federal research funding.


UND Space Studies Observatory

Since 2005, I have renovated and expanded the capabilities of the UND Space Studies Observatory, which features three Internet-controllable telescopes (two 0.4-meter and one 0.25 meter aperture). Our capabilities include the conduct of broadband photometry projects (for asteroids and variable stars), visible-wavelength stellar spectroscopy, and solar imaging.

Associate professor

University of North Dakota

I am a resident faculty member in the Department of Space Studies. I teach primarily astronomy courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. I conduct research on NIR reflectance spectroscopy of main-belt asteroids and solar physics research that involves the intrinsic rotations of solar flares and their possible associations with solar flares. In addition, I manage, oversee, and operate the UND Space Studies Observatory ( that includes three Internet-controllable telescopes. The observatory is used for students to learn how to operate telescopes and conduct basic research projects as part of an undergraduate observational astronomy course. The observatory is also available for students who want to conduct thesis and non-thesis research projects.

Honor & Award

UND Spirit Faculty Achievement Award

University of North Dakota

This award was given for notable contributions to the Department of Space Studies during the past year.

UND Outstanding Graduate or Professional Teaching Award

University of North Dakota

Outstanding Teaching Awards are given to both individual faculty members and departments.

The Individual Outstanding Teaching Awards include the:

Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Awards (2-3 awards)
Outstanding Graduate or Professional Teaching Award (1 award).

Do you know a professor who you think is an outstanding teacher? What makes them "outstanding"? Do they . . .

teach effectively, inspire enthusiasm for learning, arouse curiosity, and stimulate independent and critical thinking?
set high expectations, help students to meet them and provide worthwhile feedback to students on their learning?
show respect and concern for students, offering them effective and sympathetic guidance?
demonstrate thorough knowledge of their subject matter including recent developments in their field?
organize the course material and present it cogently and imaginatively?
use innovative design and delivery of course content?
have an interest in current and effective approaches to teaching, and a willing to try new ideas?
provide learning opportunities that extend beyond the classroom?
(for graduate/professional awards) effectively guide students in the kinds of research and/or creative activity expected of them as professionals?
(for graduate/professional awards) provide a positive role model for young scholars in the discipline?
These characteristics described many good teachers, but there are other traits as well and teachers may merit an award on various bases. Individual teaching awards honor undergraduate and graduate or professional teachers who meet a high standard. You can best support your candidate for the award by addressing the strongest characteristics of good teaching you believe they possess. When you address these characteristics provide solid evidence and concrete examples to build the strongest case. Think in terms of constructing a clear and persuasive argument for how and why your candidate does what the criteria specifics and therefore is deserving of the award. It helps to avoid vague, generalized statements ("She inspires enthusiasm for learning.") that do not convey in a clear and tangible way how that enthusiasm is inspired. What specifically happens in that teacher's class that builds a desire to learn in students? Give illustrations. Tell a brief story. If you believe the faculty member in question shows respect and concern for students, go beyond making a simple statement to that effect and give concrete evidence: what kinds of behaviors and activities illustrate this attitude? Can you speak to the experience of a particular student or class? What takes place in his or her classroom that clearly conveys that respect?




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Areas of Expertise

  • 165 Finance
  • 150 Computer Science/Engineering
  • 107 Accounting, auditing, financial management
  • 71 Electronic Engineering
  • 69 Business Administration/MBA
  • 54 Statistics
  • 52 Mechanical Engineering
  • 51 Media and Journalism
  • 42 Public Policy / Public Administration
  • 39 Industrial Engineering/Operation science
  • 33 Civil Engineering
  • 31 Mathematics
  • 29 Biology
  • 29 Management Information System
  • 27 Economics
  • 25 Earth Science/Atmospheric Science
  • 23 Sociology
  • 23 Financial Engineering
  • 22 Marketing
  • 21 Architecture
  • 20 Physics


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