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Professional editor, medical writer and Zhishiq senior advisor. I'm what you may refer to as an aggressive editor- I tackle each document head-on, regardless of subject matter, and work diligently and thoroughly through each word, sentence and paragraph to give you the best. I work closely with my clients to help them reflect what's most important to them, while at the same time maintaining quality standards and addressing program requirements and expectations. It's hard entrusting a complete stranger with an element of your future, but the good news is: I'm not satisfied until you are.

Self Introduction

In addition to being a graduate of the University of Ottawa (Canada), with an honours bachelor degree in Health Sciences, I am currently pursuing a Post-Graduate Certificate in Publishing from Ryerson University. In this program, I am taking specialized courses related to editing including copy-editing, proofreading and stylistic editing, as well as educational and digital publishing courses. This makes me well-equipped to handle your documents with utmost professionalism, experience and care. 

I also run my own editing business and greatly enjoy the work I am fortunate to do helping others improve their work. Writing has always been an ingrained passion of mine, possibly a product of my bookworm escapades from childhood. I have had the pleasure of editing a variety of written work, including academic manuscripts such as theses, business websites, company information pamphlets, cover letters and resumes, school applications and so much more. Many of my clients are non-native speakers of the English language, so I have become very familiar with the process of editing non-native language inconsistencies. I find it very rewarding taking the work of others (which is always rich with great content) and turning it into the perfectly presented document they desire it to be. People have such great things to say, but may not have the ability to express it in English at the level they need to...and that's where I love to step in and help! I hope I can continue to develop and offer my assistance through the Zhishiq platform. Looking forward to working with you! 




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Standard Service


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Ryerson University

Master Publishing

University of Ottawa

Bachelor Health Sciences


Medical Writer


Write informative articles on different health topics for a variety of web clients using sound scientific evidence and SEO writing principles.

Freelance Editor

Picky Pen

Self-employed professional editor/proofreader. Edit variety of text including but not limited to: Essays, personal communications, articles, graduate school papers, theses, research papers, business websites, business material, promotional material, cover letters, resumes, and university applications.

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Areas of Expertise

  • 82 Finance
  • 70 Computer Science/Engineering
  • 36 Accounting, auditing, financial management
  • 33 Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
  • 32 Statistics
  • 29 Business Administration/MBA
  • 28 Strategic Management
  • 28 Electronic Engineering
  • 24 Biochemistry
  • 22 Material Science / Engineering
  • 21 Literature
  • 20 Public Policy / Public Administration
  • 19 Marketing
  • 17 Pedagogic/Education
  • 17 Law
  • 17 Software Engineering
  • 16 Uncertain
  • 16 Sociology
  • 16 Biology
  • 14 Economics
  • 14 Physics


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  • Rhythm
    Rhythm Mar 27 at 22:05
    Statistics application document polish Heavy Edit


  • Brandy
    Brandy Mar 26 at 02:26
    Accounting, auditing, financial management application document polish Baseline Edit

    I've read your version of my PS, and it is really much better than my own version!! Thanks for your work~! =)

    By using " Small Happiness", I'm trying to describe a phrase initially used by Murakami Haruki in his work Afternoon in the Islets of Langerhans, describing little but certain happiness in life. This concept is quite popular in Japan and Taiwan recently.

    • Thank you for the review, Brandy, and for letting me know about that term. All the best! 

      Sam H
  • 18601772592
    18601772592 Mar 21 at 13:48
    Business Administration/MBA application document polish Baseline Edit


    • 非常感谢您的反馈,我们会不断加强对文书导师的管理与监督,努力为用户提供更加及时的服务,希望得到您的再次关注^_^

      客服 小凯 (工作微信号:zsqkefu)
  • 18601772592
    18601772592 Mar 04 at 21:25
    Business Administration/MBA application document polish Baseline Edit

    Sam is a great advisor and editor. She confirmed with me about my deadline and sacrificed her weekend to work on my essays. She also commented a lot on my essays, which are beyond her work duty.

    It was such a pleasure working with her. If I will have to write anything in the future, i will definitely work with her again !

    Thank you!

  • Faye
    Faye Mar 01 at 15:28
    Government Public Policy resume document polish Baseline Edit

    Thank you very much~

  • Demeng Feng
    Demeng Feng Feb 06 at 10:00
    Material Science / Engineering document service in a package

    Excellent! Thank you very much for the revision.

    • You're welcome, Demeng! It was great working with you, hope you have a good one :)

      Sam H
  • talia
    talia Feb 01 at 00:20
    Finance application document polish Baseline Edit

    Thank you! You are nice and professional.

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