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Simulated environment for a real interview experience

Build your story, evaluate your achievements, but be ready anything

Develop your pitch to advocate for yourself


For success in any sphere, your first step is always: Know what to expect!

Mock Interview Sessions

Starting at ¥ 546
  • Choose your perfect interviewer from our curated team of outstanding advisors
  • Unlock significant benefits to your performance with your interviewer’s experience and perspective
  • Simulate the rigors of your target program to improve your interview performance
  • Receive sincere, constructive feedback on your performance and a thorough record of the interview itself
  • Each 60min session will adopt the following schedule (unless an alternative format is appropriate):
    Introductory conversation (5 minutes)
    Hang-up && Call-back
    Interview session (40 minutes)
    Appraisal, discussion and commentary (15 minutes)
  • Confirmation of interview time within 48 hours
  • Interview to take place with 7 days of your order (unless otherwise specified)
  • Service of validity: 15 days
* Above are base services, you can obtain more with a higher price if needed; Other service options: Appint interviewer directlyUrgent Service


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